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This WebQuest is self directed, which means that it has been created by my friend Giugi, who lives in Europe and me, for our own learning purposes.
Alan, an actor, friend of ours, left for Japan a couple of years ago and has left no trace. We know he was going through a mid-life crisis. His favorite topics of conversation were the theater, holistic medicine and Buddhism. We don't know what happened to him but have come to believe that he has turned into a guru and we are determined to go to Japan and look for him. And .....perhaps ... who knows? We may decide to change our lives too........


Before we are going on a real journey to Japan we would like to start our virtual journey and be immersed in the Japanese culture. Our task it to browse the Internet and find information about japanese Buddhism and rituals, Japanese holistic medicine, and Japanese theatre. We will need to identify Buddhist temples, farms where holistic medicine is practiced, and traditional theatre performances. Then we need to plan an itinerary and decide where we are going to stay . (We are on a limited budget). We also need to get to know basic Japanese customs and learn how to read a few basic signs for survival purposes . We will use search engines, Excel for the budged and will post a diary of our research process in a Blog.


The process for this WebQuest involves various phases

1)The first phase will be an exchange of emails used a brainstorming technique to determine dates of our journey, exchange info on suitable travel agent, ask general information about Japan with our contacts and exchange the info . This process will take approx. 1 month

2) We will draw a profile of Alan, his likes and dislikes etc , and on the basis of the profile we will browse the internet to find out as much info about these three aspects of japan: Temples. holistic farms and traditional Japanese theatre.

3) We will exchange the information we have gathered to plan an itinerary. We will divide our roles , Giugi will plan the itinerary and decide what parts of japan we are going to explore, I will plan the accommodation on the basis of our budget

4) We will read recommended books about Japan and share our feedback, we will go to see Japanese movies and plays if possible and will go to Japanese restaurants so that we will deepen our sense of the Japanese culture.

4) Finally we will record our itinerary on our blog


We will need these basic resources

Map of Japan

Japanese Guesthouses

Tokyo Toilet Map

WOOOF Japan( Willing Workers On Organic Farms' )

Japan Society

Learn the Japanese Characters

Japanese Tourist Board

Japanese Signs



By the time we finish our Blog we will have learned about Japanese Buddhism, organic farms and Kabuki theatre. We will be ready to start our journey


We will reflect on the entire process and will write to each other summarizing the experience , sharing what we learned.


We will go to Japan, compare our real life experience with the webquest experience, perhaps find our friend or perhaps end up in a Buddhist temple and become gurus for good .


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